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Pattaya Muay Thai Academy
in Pattaya City, Thailand.

สถาบันสอน มวยไทย พัทยา เมืองพัทยา ประเทศไทย

Welcome to Pattaya Muay Thai Academy

Pattaya Muay Thai Academy - The Muay Thai training camp & gym for fighters, self defense & fitness. Inside Pattaya City, Thailand and near to beaches.

The Muay Thai training gym and camp is open to everyone, has a friendly and welcoming environment, accommodation available inside the camp, multilingual instructors and option to fight at the Muay Thai Stadiums.

What makes Pattaya Muay Thai Academy different is that you will not be left to your own devises, our instructors will monitor your progress and encourage your development in technique, fitness and endurance.

Photo of training inside the boxing ring, instructor Pi Yak throws midsection kick and student wearing Windy boxing gloves blocks the kick.
Stephane Nikiema demonstrating Muay Thai technique to a group of students.

Group photo of students and Muay Thai trainers in front of boxing ring at Pattaya Muay Thai Academy
Pattaya Muay Thai Academy - Team Nikiema Trainers; Tan, Stephane Nikiema, Pi Yak

Muay Thai Camp Facilities

All within one convenient location, gym areas at Pattaya Muay Thai Academy are matted, with a large open matted training area, boxing ring, various punch and kick bags, and fitness equipment all inside the Muay Thai training camp.

We also have accommodation available within the camp for those who want to live next to the gym. Wi-Fi internet access is provided 'free' of charge to our customers.

We are ideally located within the city and only a short distance to Pattaya's beaches, 2 local Muay Thai Stadiums, shopping, tourist attractions and islands. Just 1 hours taxi / bus from Bangkok & International Airport.

For athletes who would like to fight in Thailand, Pattaya has 2 local Muay Thai stadiums; Pattaya Thepprasit Stadium (previously known as Fairtex Stadium when the Fairtex Muay Thai Camp owned it) which is a traditional open air stadium with live Muay Thai music, and Pattaya Boxing World Stadium which is a new and modern indoor stadium with live DJ music, live traditional Muay Thai music during fights, all within the air conditioned stadium. Both stadiums promote Muay Thai fights every week. Let us know if you would like a Muay Thai fight, we can arrange everything, leaving you to concentrate on your Muay Thai training, techniques and fitness.

Due to our ideal location within the city, getting around the city is easy by foot or by taxi. Within our local area we have both Tesco Lotus and Big C shopping centres, as well as Pattaya's beaches all within only a short walk. The main bus station is also only ~5 minutes from our camp. Also within the city are many shopping malls including a big Central Mall called CentralFestival Pattaya Beach on Beach Road, Mikes Shopping Mall, Royal Garden Plaza, and TukCom computer and phone mall among several others. Also within the city is the massive Buddha statue on top of Big Buddha Hill with temples overlooking Pattaya Bay and Jomtien Beach, and only 45 minute ferry to and from beautiful local islands.


Photo of training inside the boxing ring with instructor Pi Yak holding pads, female student wearing blue Twins boxing gloves throws midsection kick. Other students training in the background on matted area.

Muay Thai Training Times / Rates

The Muay Thai gym and camp facilities are available throughout the day, with Muay Thai training with instructors available till early evening (~7 pm).


Open : Monday - Saturday
Close : Sunday

Cost : Training only

1 day with 1 session = 300 Baht
1 day with 2 sessions = 500 Baht

2 weeks with 1 session each day = 3,200 Baht
2 weeks with 2 session each day = 5,800 Baht

1 month with 1 session each day = 6,500 Baht
1 month with 2 sessions each day = 12,000 Baht

Cost : Training + Accommodation (includes 'free' internet)

1 week with 2 sessions each day = 4,800
2 weeks with 2 sessions each day = 9,000 Baht
3 weeks with 2 sessions each day = 13,000 Baht
1 month with 2 sessions each day = 16,000 Baht

Please use our contacts page to ask for more information.

About - Pattaya Muay Thai Academy & Stephane Nikiema

Pattaya Muay Thai Academy opened in 2011, taking over the premises previously occupied by RMB Gym.

The camp is run by Stephane Nikiema (Diesel Black), a very well known French Muay Thai fighter with an impressive fight career and knowledge of the sport.

Stephane Nikiema muay thai fight
Stephane Nikiema knocks out Thai oponent in Muay Thai fight

Photo with Jerome Le Banner, Jean-Claude Camille Francois Van Varenberg aka Jean-Claude Van Damme and Stephane Nikiema
Above: Photo with Jerome Le Banner, Jean-Claude Camille Francois Van Varenberg aka Jean-Claude Van Damme and Stephane Nikiema.

Group photo at local Muay Thai stadium after a student wins against a Thai fighter.
Above: Group photo at local Muay Thai stadium after a student wins his fight against a Thai fighter.

Muay Thai Camp Map / Contact Us

Pattaya Muay Thai Academy

Soi 7 North Road
Pattaya City

Contact Stephane by;

Phone: 087-1125-030


Facebook: Stephane Nikiema

Contact us if you have any questions about Muay Thai training at Pattaya Muay Thai Academy.


Map showing location of Pattaya Muay Thai Academy, Soi 7 North Road, Pattaya, Thailand. Also shown nearby is beach, Tesco Lotus, Big C, bus station, dolphin roundabout

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